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Information and Application

Qualifications and Training

Ausblick Ski Patrollers are members of the Ausblick Ski Club and the National Ski Patrol (NSP) and are certified in Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), CPR. chairlift evacuation and toboggan handling. Outdoor Emergency Care® is the NSP's award-winning training program for patrollers and others in the recreation community who deal with emergency situations. This nationally recognized program is designed to help the patroller manage the toughest emergencies, in all seasons. Developed in the late 1980s for the 26,000 members of the National Ski Patrol, Outdoor Emergency Care is a training program that is tailored to the non-urban rescuer.

Today, OEC is considered the standard of training for emergency care in the outdoor environment and is recognized by resorts and recreational facilities in all 50 states. The course consists of one night a week training and practical hands on from mid-July to mid-November. Patrol members buy their own jackets, vest, butt pack and supplies. On-the-hill toboggan transportation is taught during January through mid-February. After Patrollers are OEC certified, they refresh each year on 1/3 of the course material and are recertified every three years. We also recertify in Advanced CPR with AED, chairlift evacuation and on-the-hill toboggan proficiency every season.


The annual shift requirements are determined based upon our schedule, hill management and seasonal requirements. Generally, you will be required to patrol a minimum of approximately 20 shifts or 80-100 hours. We do not schedule you the same day each week, but randomly throughout the season according to your shift preferences and vacations.


Members contribute to the Patrol as Board Members, OEC, chairlift evacuation and toboggan instructors or other committee and training positions as well as continuing their NSP Education.


The Ski Patrol Carnival & Raffle is our main fundraiser and provides Ausblick families an entire day of food and fun. Patrollers cook and sell food, hold a raffle, setup a ball drop, ski races, obstacle course and give toboggan rides. It is usually held in February. All patrollers are expected to participate in the planning and attend the entire day.


The Ausblick Ski Club welcomes all inquiries regarding joining our Patrol. We encourage you to call or meet with the Patrol Director to discuss the opportunities we have to offer. We actively recruit from our membership and all Patrollers are Ausblick Members or on the Waiting List. We will train you in Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), CPR, chairlift evacuation and toboggan certification. The cost is approximately $300 including training/medical supplies and dues.

The Patrol maintains an internal selection process that pulls new recruits from the pool of applicants all year long. Your application to the Patrol is not a guarantee that you will be asked to join.

If you are currently a registered NSP patroller and would like to be considered for the Ausblick Patrol, please apply using the application below. If you are not yet a patroller and would like to become one, please visit the National Ski Patrol web site Becoming a Member page to find out what being a ski patroller is all about. Then complete and send us the application below.

When you are selected and agree to join the Patrol, you will be required to submit an Ausblick Membership Application which will require you to pay the current application fee. When you have passed training, become a patroller and your name comes off the Ausblick Waiting List, you will be required to pay the current initiation fee to become an Ausblick member.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Hill Manager at 262-246-3090 or click the Contact Us page above.